• MICROMANAGE Micro brewery Management Software is designed specifically to help with the running of a Microbrewery. It provides the facilities to manage customers, sales, malt records, brew records, UK VAT returns and UK Beer Duty returns as well as many other useful features.


  • MICROMANAGE allows you to dispense with a lot of complicated spreadsheets and have one easily-accessible database to store, access and manage all of the information needed to physically run your brewery.


  • MICROMANAGE Micro brewery Management Software is accessible via logging into a secure website. You can access your MicroManage account from multiple locations anywhere you have an internet connection. This means that you can use MicroManage via your smart phone whilst out and about on deliveries to keep your records up to date easily.
  • MICROMANAGE Micro brewery Management Software has been designed specifically for the needs of small Microbreweries and Craft Breweries. Not for brewing behemoths.


  • MICROMANAGE is simple, clean and functional. It focusses on the needs of the smaller brewer resulting in realistically affordable and transparent pricing {no more searching for a hidden price only to discover it’s astronomical}.


  • MICROMANAGE Microbrewery Management Software frees up your time from laborious paperwork resulting in more brewing time.


  • MICROMANAGE – Freedom to Brew

Cut your paperwork

Free up your time for more brewing

Truly affordable

No overblown, over-expensive solutions

Integrated solution

No more disconnected cobbled together spreadsheets

Designed for Microbreweries

Not built for brewing behemoths

Simplifies HMRC returns

Easier Beer Duty and VAT returns. Nuff said


Access anywhere with a smart phone, desktop or tablet.

Transparent Pricing

Micromanage is currently for UK microbreweries under 5000 Hectolitres per year

1 Person Microbrewery

      £40/Per Month


  • 28 Days FREE Trial
  • £40 Early bird price
  • For UK breweries up to 5000 Hectolitres
  • 1 user access – for most one person breweries
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Add an extra user

      £20/Per Month


  • Useful for larger micros with multiple staff
  • Add another member of staff
  • Allows multi-user updates
  • Work as a team
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